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Forest Avenue BID Holiday Stroll 2012

This years Forest Avenue BID Holiday Stroll took place on November 29th. There was Santa Claus, Characters, food, and families strolling up and down the Forest Avenue BID commercial corridor. Donations will be collected for Hurricane Sandy recovery at local shops during the holiday seasons. All funds collected go directly to the Rotary Hurricane Relief for Staten Island Fund. Shop Local and super your local shops. This stroll was funded in part by NYC Councilwoman Debi Rose.
Loretta Cauldwell, Exectuive Director, Forest Avenue BID, NYC Council Woman Debi Rose, and Pastosa Ravioli Forest Avenue owner Vincent D’Antuono

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The Forest Avenue Business Improvement District (FABID) is founded and administered by the West Brighton Community LDC.

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  1. Betty Winsch

    I friend of mine mentioned an event to me taking place May 17 2014 along Forest Avenue. She didn’t have too much detail information, except she would be exhibiting artwork.Can you give me more details about this event? Thank you.

    1. admin (Post author)

      The event was cancelled check back soon for more information on our next event and check the Forest Avenue Bid Website


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