Inventing & Re-Inventing Yourself- the 8th Annual 21st Century Business Woman Conference

June 20, 2012 – June 21, 2012 all-day
LeGreci's Staaten
697 Forest Ave
Staten Island, NY 10310
$95 at the Door; early Special Discounts
Nina Flores, Business Development Specialist

“Inventing and Reinventing Yourself” is not only the name of this year’s 21st Century Business Woman Conference, but also describes a new and expanded program. For the first time, the conference is an all day event, offering pre-conference events, and including the addition of the first Annual Joann Regan Memorial Business Woman Leadership Awards program and reception.

The premier women’s business event on Staten Island, the all-day event will be held on Wednesday,June 20th, 2012 from 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. at
Li Greci’s Staaten, 697 Forest Avenue Staten Island, NY 10310-2506.

21st Century Business Woman Conference was founded in 2005 by former Business Development Director, Joann Regan and former Executive Director Susan Meeker. This program promotes business development and entrepreneurship among women and small businesses. Joann Regan served the Staten Island community for 16 years in her role as Deputy Director and Business Development Director of the WBCLDC. Many of the founding committee members continue to dedicate their services and continue the legacy of Joann Regan, and the theme of ‘women helping women’.

Sessions featured at the 8th Annual 21st Century Business Woman Conference

Strategic Blueprint for Your Business Objective: Inform participants about the benefits of a business plan and the basics of creating one. Describe how business plans work in single owner businesses as well as large corporations and how business planning is key to inventing or reinventing one’s business. What are new trends in strategic planning.

Inventing and Reinventing Your Brand Objective: Define branding and describe how it impacts a large or small business.
Describe what social media, networking, graphics, and advertising do for branding, how you can invent or reinvent your business, and the new trends in branding.

Rethink Import/Export Opportunities for Your Business Objective: Provide participants with insights into what business opportunities exist in the greater NY area or on the internet for importing or exporting products and services.
Describe growth areas, potential pitfalls, and legal issues. Talk about how taking a look at import/export opportunities may invent new business or reinvent a current business.

Take a Fresh Look at Your Financials Objectives: Help participants know what critical decisions are driven from financial information about their company…whether they are in start up or tune up. Describe what a small or large business person needs to know about their costs, tax liabilities, cash flow, and P&L statements, etc. Talk about how being on top of one’s financials is key to inventing a new business or reinventing a current business.

Selling Yourself…Who Better than You
Objective: Inspire participants to do a more effective job of selling themselves and their product or service in a variety of transactions. Describe how one can reinvent their professional persona, asses their behaviors that get in their way of selling themselves, learn how to instill confidence in their employees. (relevant to audience i.e. bank managers, salesperson, or business professional)

How and Why They Reinvented ThemselvesObjective: Through the telling of personal stories, inspire participants who may be thinking of doing something new or different professionally. Describe what brought you to make a change, how did you do it, what was the result. (Specific discussion questions to be sent at a later date.)

Reinventing the Way Men and Women Do Business Together
Through humor, motivate women and men to reinvent how they do business together. Describe how differing styles (Mars vs. Venus) impact the way men and women work together.

Join us for the Early Bird Special for $85, a Savings of $10. Tickets will be $95 at the door. Send you check or money order to WBCLDC, 705 Forest Avenue, S.I, NY 10310 , payable to West Brighton Communtiy LDC.


In its 8th year, the conference is a signature program of the  WBCLDC (West Brighton Community LDC). We are designated as a Women’s Business Center by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and designated by NYC City Council as a Minority and Woman Enterprise Leadership Association program.

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